Singles Night
Wanting to meet new people? Here's your chance to get trapped with up to 5 other strangers (18 people total). Join us first for a Drink at the New Three Chimneys Restaurant to be followed by the Challenge to work together to Escape our Dungeons. Followed by the Event of the night, whether thats a open mic night or a games night.

          Drink on arrival
          Dungeon Experience
          Reserved seating at The Three Chimneys
          6.00pm Drinks at The Three Chimneys
          6.30pm Random Escape Dungeons Experience
          7.30 pm Event of the Night at Three Chimneys
​Three Chimneys Events

Every Friday of October

5th October - Open Mic Night
12th October - Open Mic Night
19th October Open Mic Night
26th October - Talent Show Final